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Stretch Hood Machines

stretch hoodPackaging with stretch hoods is one of the fastest growing approaches when it comes to packaging pallets (approximately 20% annual growth in Europe). Performing packaging activities with the stretch hoods of Tallpack Bulgaria  has a number of major benefits:

  • the use of straps can be avoided if packaging is horizontally and vertically stable
  • possible to reinforce wraps
  • possible to strap products together
  • no deformed loads
  • water and dust-proof packaging with top seal
  • theft prevention (the film cannot be repaired if it is damaged)
  • high capacity (up to 200 pallets per hour)
  • low film use (200-300 grams per pallet) including top seal
  • 1500-2000 pallets with 1 roll of film
  • barcode remains legible through the film
  • suitable for storage in multi-storey warehouses, no film trails, film is applied to an accuracy of 1 cm on or under the pallet
  • coloured film and multi-coloured printing with company logo possible

Tallpack Bulgaria supplies three types of stretch hood machines for a range of applications. The Power Flex T1, the Multi Flex X1 and the Multi Flex XL. All three have specific properties for extra capacity and flexible pallet formats. The advisers at Tallpack Bulgaria will be pleased to discuss your packaging needs with you, and highlight the solutions Tallpack Bulgaria can offer you.

The various types of stretch hoods can be found on the stretch hoods page.

If capacity is low, Tallpack Bulgaria is able to offer a variety of film wrappers. You can view this option on the Modular wrappers page or request more information from one of our advisers.


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