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Bag-filling machines FFS method

Tallpack Bulgaria collaborates with BL Bag Line when filling bagged goods via the FFS method. Since 1980, the company has manufactured automatic packaging machines that use innovative solutions to place various products in bags. There has been a path of continuous growth during the company's 30-year history.

Before other companies in its sector, BL Bag Line manufactured the first Italian "Form, Fill & Seal" solution and the first weighing scales capable of dealing with over 2300 dosages per hour.

BL Bag Line offers complete technical solutions for packaging solids, liquids and powders into industrial bags. BL Bag Line's FFS packaging machines apply two seals when using tubular film and 3 or 4 seals when using flat film. BL Bag Line's FFS packaging machines are suitable for foil made from polyethylene, polypropylene, plain film and laminated film.

The COMPACTA packaging machine is a tubular FFS machine that demonstrates the effective properties of the COMPACTA series
The wide range, fast production, simple construction and very low operating costs are only a few advantages of this flat film packaging machine.
The Apta 10 is an FFS packing machine for liquids, which uses a roll-based PE tubular film.


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