Tallpack Bulgaria serves the entire food chain

Tallpack Bulgaria has proved during the last years as a supplier of industrial transport packaging solutions, including service and maintenance, covering the entire chain in the food industry. Only after mastering all packaging methods, one can give the right advice. This is the daily challenge for Tallpack team.

Every industry, including food industry, has its specific transport packaging requirements, whereby Tallpack having its (international) experience is the appropriate company to solve a packaging problem in Bulgaria.

Each project has a customized solution where very diverse preconditions must be met in terms of capacity, flexibility, (food) safety, cleaning, integration in the production process etc.

The great variety of experience and demand from different branches and chain partners makes Tallpack Bulgaria an autonomous, flexible and solution-oriented partner for industrial packaging solutions.

Tallpack provides unbound packaging advice since it has all the packaging techniques in-house for palletizers, stretch hood machines, strapping machines and (ring) wrappers, bagging installations and the associated packaging materials such as stretch film Tallstretch, stretch hood, anti-slip sheets Gripsheets, Tallstrap range and protective materials.

The standard wrappers and manual strapping tools are also available on stock. Because of the fact that Tallpack is active in the entire food production chain, we have full insight into the various packaging techniques. Naturally this knowledge is shared within the partners in the chain so that cooperation between them is also safe in terms of packaging.

Cost of ownership

After few years the costs for consumables are regularly higher than the initial investment. This makes it financially wise to choose the right method integrally and not just to focus on the initial investment of packaging line.


The implementation of our quality system, which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, BRC IoP standard, FSC guidelines, VCA** checklist, ensures that we can serve our customers the best way and they will successfully operate in the market. After all, the success of our customer is our challenge. If you would like more information, please let us know.