Strapping line Silverline by Tallpack is durable, ergonomic and lucrative

Tallpack helps you to create the right pallet packaging.

It is still a big challenge to palletize pallets with stacks of crates, cartoons, kegs or boxes in accordance with EUMOS 40509 guidelines. Very often it happens that heights, weight, stability or production speed or pallet or package can vary. Moreover, more and more companies are trying to reduce the amount of plastic and it is certainly worth to consider strapping as a packaging method. You can stabilize the large stacks of crates, boxes, barrels or boxes only with a few straps.

Manual strapping may no longer be preferred for several reasons such as big numbers of pallets, ergonomics, safety and speed of packaging. On the other hand, strapping by fully automatic line may not be necessary or feasible due to overcapacity, multiple packaging locations, internal transport placements or required investment.
In response to these considerations Tallpack has specially developed the Silverline strapping machines for this purpose with a favorable priced horizontal and vertical application and with fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation.

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Printed strap instead of “security tape”

In the logistics sector, “security tape” is often used to seal the pallet packaging. The “security tape” can be replaced with (un)printed straps.


Silverline strapping machines can be integrated stand-alone as well as in modular packaging line without any problems whereby the logistics process runs 24/7. Briefly, with Silverline you make a good choice for now and for the future as it allows you to expand or adapt to new situations in the logistics process.

Plastic strap (PP or PET) is supplied with this machine so that you can start right away. Your Area Account manager determines together with you the various strapping programs based on a pallet stability test. No gut feeling, just based on practical measurements your packaging location.