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Casepacker packaging line incl. modularly-built palletiser

Lavena approached Tallpack Bulgaria for an industrial packaging solution for their fully-automatic production lines for baby wet wipes.

Until now, the individual packages were packed into boxes manually and then palletized manually. In order to meet the continuously-increasing demand, it was necessary to expand the production process up to 7 lines. The production speed of the individual lines had to be increased as well.

But how do you connect a fully automatic packaging process to all this, when these production lines switch between themselves all the time, during the day, and the "hands" can no longer cope with the speed?

Tallpack was invited to contribute with ideas on how to solve this issue as optimally as possible. According to the Managing Director of Tallpack Bulgaria, Anna Welikow, such solutions are entirely within the competence of the company.

‘The starting point is always the client’s end product, which is a firm fact, the basis. From this basis we will investigate the cardboard boxes, the stacking patterns and the stability of the pallets. This is done in close communication with the client, since minimum purchase quantities are in question, which may vary for various products or for the different clients. And there are so many factors which have an impact on the desired stacking patterns on the pallets, so the final result is a stable packed pallet of optimal size which is transported to the client without risk of damage.’

The Lavena packaging line roughly consists of the following modules:

210611 Lavena knipsel1. Place for boxes
2. Packaging place
3. Place for closing the boxes
4. Buffer zone
5. Palletizing incl. provided with anti-slip sheets between the stacked layers




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